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Hello, dear visitor!


I'm Sandra, 36 years old and I can totally understand that you want to find out more about me. After all, a tantric massage is an intimate affair and requires trust, openness and courage.


My path in life so far has been anything but conventional. After a sheltered childhood in the idyllic Allgäu, I first went to Augsburg, then to Oldenburg and Bremen. I worked there as a media designer for many years before I switched to sales.


Since this was not my fulfillment and I also had a huge dream in the back of my mind, I swapped my career for backpacking in November 2013. I traveled alone through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand for 18 months.


From adventurous trips through the hinterland to ashram stays to a yoga teacher training for Vinayasa Flow in India and the subsequent teaching in a yoga school in Darjeeling, I took a lot with me. At the same time, on this trip I (re) discovered my first calling - writing.


In June 2015 I moved to Hamburg, a city that I fell in love with and which is why I will massage once a month from 2021. It was there that I started working as a freelance copywriter. My main job was in recruiting and account management for a few years before I got the chance to live in Leipzig only from writing since March 2018.


Being able to do what I love every day released a tremendous amount of creativity in me. I began to deal intensively with the topics of tantra, female sexuality, slow sex, conscious relationship and the like. In September 2018 I started my Kundalini yoga teacher training after Yogi Bhajan, which I completed in 2019.


After receiving my first tantric massage, it was clear to me that I had just found another calling: I felt as if I had been bathed in love. That's exactly what I wanted to give people! Shortly afterwards, my training path began at the Diamond Lotus in Berlin, which changed and transformed my life again.


To me, next to writing, touching people carefully and lovingly is the most beautiful thing I can imagine. I love the magic of the moment that arises when I follow my intuition. Due to Kundalini Yoga, which I practice often, I have developed a very fine perception that I can use optimally in the tantric massage.


In combination with my pronounced empathy, the tantra massage creates a soulful and respectful flow into which you can let yourself fall completely. I love to worship the divine essence in you and it touches my heart when I see your soft and happy face at the end of the tantric massage.


Massage is one of the finest arts. It's not just a matter of technology. It's a matter of love. - OSHO


I'm really looking forward to getting to know you!






Fun facts about me

I really love good food and 

also like to cook.

Books are a perfect meditation

for me. Can´t read enough!

I really don´t like hanging on a phone, so mostly I don´t even answer a phone call.

Wasser Welligkeit


A brief overview

August 2018:

Tantra beginners course

Tantra Center Leipzig


March 2019

Tantra practical course for beginners

by Michaela Sturm & Markus Karde


March 2019:

Tantra seminar

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute Berlin


June 2019

Basic training in tantra massage
intensive at the Diamond Lotus


August 2019

Intensive lingam massage

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute

September 2019
Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training
with Seani Love , Spitzmühle Berlin

the school of erotic mysteries


October 2019
Body in Motion

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute 


October 2020
Intensive anal massage

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute 


October 2020
Yin-Yang massage training

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute 

October 2020
Yin-yang massage training

at the Diamond Lotus Tantra Institute 

January 2021 to May 2021
training to

Evolutionary Relationship Coach

atdr Rouven Schneider

 January 2021 to May 2021
12 week online course

How to Relate Openly

atEmbodied Intimacy

June - July 2021

ISTA Level 1 + 2 in Malta

International School of Temple Arts

Aug 2021

Sacred Sexuality Training in Malta

Ashram of Love

October 2021

Cobra Breath Initiation

Ipsalu Tantra

October 2021 - May 2022

Group Facilitator Yearly Training

Shachar Caspi & Art of Love School

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