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  • Are you actually giving tantra massages in Leipzig or Hamburg?
    My studio is in Leipzig. Before the pandemic, I had plans to be in Hamburg for a few days once a month - but I gave up.
  • What is a tantra massage?
    A tantric massage is a high art of massage that involves your whole body, including the intimate area and, if desired, the anus and prostate.It usually takes place unclothed on a futon on the floor. However, I reserve the right to wear panties if I feel like it. At the beginning we both wrapped a large cloth around it. As a receiver you are in a passive role and let me touch you. Enjoy not having to do or give anything back for once - even if this may be new to you.Very important: There is no sexual intercourse and/or oral sex. I do not offer any other services, only reputable tantra massages according to Andro.In the tantric massage, everything can flow - including your lust, if necessary. At the same time, the tantra massage has no goal and I will never "force" an orgasm, as can be the case with an erotic massage. I follow the game of energy: If your energy (read: desire) goes up, I support it - if it drops again, I also support it.
  • May I touch you as a tantra masseuse?
    In the serious tantra massage that I offer, the roles are clearly divided: you are passive, I am active. That means, normally only I touch you. But that doesn't mean that you can't put your hand on my lower leg, for example, or seek other skin contact. For some people it is totally natural and supports their deep relaxation. I take good care of myself and avoid touches that I don't feel right or that even feel intrusive. Please respect that I don't want to be petted and that my breasts and private parts are of course taboo. I am by no means condemning such wishes, but in this case you are better off with an erotic massage, an escort lady or a prostitute.
  • How does a tantric massage work?
    Every tantra massage is different and a complex interplay of the phases of worship, sensitization, yin-yang energy massage and intimate massage.In this blog article you will learn what you always wanted to know about a tantric massage.
  • What does yoni and lingam actually mean?
    The term yoni comes from Sanskrit and is used in tantra to describe the female genitalia, i.e. the vulva, vagina and uterus. In addition, it can be translated with terms such as source, origin and container. The lingam is used as a synonym for the word "penis" in western neotantra.
  • Are you also naked during the tantra massage?
    As a rule, a tantra massage takes place unclothed. However, I reserve the right to wear panties if I feel more comfortable with them. Either way, my nudity shouldn't be the reason why you book a tantra massage - in this case you would be in MUCH better hands with an erotic massage.
  • How can I prepare for a tantric massage?
    I recommend reading the FAQs, which will answer the most important questions.Here you can find out everything you always wanted to know about the tantra massage and here you can get special information about the Tantra massage for women and the Tantra massage for men.If you have any further questions, we would be happy to clarify them in the preliminary talk. Everything you need is already within you. Come as you are - sad, happy, hurt, angry, tired or whatever your mood is. My studio has a shower and you are welcome to shower before and/or after. You don't need to bring anything with you except the energy balance in cash.
  • Is there anything that is forbidden in tantra massage?
    With a tantra massage, any form of union and oral sex is taboo. This distinguishes the reputable tantric massage I offer from some erotic massages that are offered in other establishments.The attention during the full period of time is solely on you and it is all about you, not me.
  • I'm ashamed to be naked and feel self-conscious. do you have any tips for me
    In our society this is quite natural. Unless you grew up with parents who practiced nudism with you, or move in tantric circles, normally only your partner or at most a doctor will see you naked. But being naked and feeling good about it can be trained!It may be unfamiliar with your first tantra massage, but you will quickly get used to it. In addition, we are both not naked right from the start, but wear a lunghi. It doesn't matter what your body is: fat, thin, hairy, hairless, young, wrinkled, old or other - you will be worshiped by me in your natural, beautiful divine essence.
  • I'm curious, but I'm not sure yet if I want to be touched so intimately by a total stranger.
    I totally understand that! As a tantra masseuse, it is my job to create an atmosphere in which you can let yourself go. In the preliminary talk you can tell me what moves you and I will respond to it carefully.If you are not yet sure whether you would like to be touched on your intimate parts of the body, we will simply leave that open. During the tantra massage I will then ask you again and you can give an intuitive answer from the moment. If you are a woman and I massage your yoni, I first stay outside of your temple for a long time. Your yoni shows me when it's wide enough for me to enter the temple with my finger. It may well be that you have never experienced in everyday sexual life that your yoni has opened like a flower, because female sexuality requires much more time.However, it is a completely different feeling when your yoni sucks my finger(s) in than when I push my fingers into your yoni too soon. The latter will definitely not happen in my tantric massage. You can rest assured that there will be no careless, rapid movements and that you can always say STOP if the touch becomes too intimate for you. Depending on your sexual background, how you grew up and what moral concepts are anchored in you, it may be that several tantra massages are necessary before you rediscover access to your femininity or masculinity.In the preliminary talk, please tell me how you relate to your body, your gender and your sexuality. The fact is: If you have the courage to treat yourself to a tantric massage, you are on the right track. Even if you no longer feel anything in your yoni or lingam and have long lost contact with yourself, there is a way back into your sensuality. I'm happy to support you.
  • What if I get an erection as a man?
    Your desire is welcome! The magic of the tantra massage is that I distribute the energy that builds up in your lingam throughout your body. If an orgasm should occur at the end of the tantric massage, it will be much more intense because the tension has built up over a longer period of time.However, the tantra massage itself is unintentional and has no goal.
  • What if I can't get an erection as a man?"
    A tantric massage does not aim to bring you to a climax - even if many people think so. The nice thing is that in the tantra massage everything can be and nothing has to be. You can have a wonderful, profound experience without your lingam being even remotely erect.
  • What if I climax too early during the tantra massage?
    For example, we can agree on a clear hand signal in advance if you think you might climax very quickly. If the stimulation gets too strong, you give me a sign and I stop immediately before continuing to play with your arousal.This allows more energy to build up in your body and the climax that may conclude the tantra massage becomes more intense. And if it happens that you come during the tantra massage, it doesn't matter at all! I will do a hot ablution and continue with the tantra massage.The flow of the tantra massage determines how the lingam wants to be integrated afterwards. Basically, however, the tantra massage has no goal.
  • What if I don't reach the climax during the tantra massage?
    The goal of a tantra massage is not to reach the climax. Everything is allowed, whatever wants to show itself: Whether it's tears, sadness, anger, pain, deep relaxation, a pleasant feeling of well-being or whatever. Everything is allowed to flow without any expectations.
  • What kind of massage oil is used?
    For my tantra massages, I use deodorized organic coconut oil, which I flavor with high-quality essential oils from Primavera and TAO Oasis.
  • Do you speak during the tantra massage?
    Anything that feels good can be here, too. We don't have to turn the tantra massage into a deadly serious matter, but are allowed to laugh in between. And believe me, there are funny situations... like when body moves don't work the way they're supposed to. Very often, however, there is a comfortable silence. As a rule, I prefer to move you with explicit gestures rather than words, which means I don't tell you: "Please turn around", but instead I make your body follow my wish.But of course you are free to speak whenever you want. Pleasurable noises are also expressly welcome!
  • Do I just lie there or do I have to actively do something?
    You don't have to do anything actively, you just let me carry you through the tantra massage. That means you can relax completely and don't have to think about what could come next.If you are much taller or heavier than me, I may actively ask you with my words to turn around, sit up or whatever is appropriate.
  • What if I don't like a touch?"
    If you don't like a touch, you can always tell me! You don't have to endure anything at any time. You should know, however, that there may be points in your yoni, prostate, anus or lingam that have stored negative emotions or trauma. If I touch these points mindfully, feelings may be released. You may get sad, angry or even cry. If you allow me to keep my hand still on the point, these stuck energies can free themselves and you will feel more free afterwards. Little by little we can explore these points further until even pleasurable sensations may be possible again. However, this sometimes requires several tantric massages.
  • Do I pay for the tantric massage before or after?
    Payment is made in cash before the tantric massage. After the tantric massage you are most likely in a different sphere and should no longer have to worry about the material things. And you're not paying me, you're paying my time :-)
  • What if I have to go to the toilet during the tantra massage?
    It doesn't matter at all! We briefly interrupt the tantric massage and then continue it.
  • What is the difference between tantra and a tantra massage?
    In tantra, a union (maithuna) between two partners is basically possible. In the serious tantric massage I offer, any form of union and/or oral sex is excluded. The roles are clearly divided: I am active, you are passive. Enjoy finally not having to do anything and just receive.
  • As a woman, what if I have or get my period on our appointment?
    Basically, menstruation is not disruptive and you don't have to worry about it. You can simply use a sponge made of natural material that stays inside the yoni during the yoni massage. It may well be that you are overwhelmed when you have your period - especially if it is your first tantric massage. Just listen to your body and listen to yourself to see if the tantra massage feels right for you during this special time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!
  • What if I can't keep my appointment?
    Basically, you help me a lot if you cancel as early as possible.Please avoid last-minute cancellations that don't give me a chance to reschedule your appointment at short notice - this is very unfair to both me and potential guests.
  • Does the tantra massage take place on a futon or a lounger?
    The tantra massage takes place in my studio on a wide and stable Thai massage bed. After massaging on a futon on the floor for many years, I realized that for my type of tantra massage it makes no difference whether you lie on the floor or on a stable couch. The big advantage is that you can lie on your stomach much more comfortably than on a mat on the floor due to the cut-out for your face. In addition, I finally no longer have back pain - which, by the way, is a frequent reason why tantra masseurs give up their profession. If you are worried that there will be too little physical contact on a Thai massage bed or that the "tantric" will be lost, I can put your mind at ease - I have asked a lot of regular guests if they noticed any difference to the previous tantra massage on the futon , and only everyone said that it makes no difference at all :-)
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